Thursday, April 6, 2017

That The Yanks Are Coming...America Enters The Great War

Images of my Great Uncle
Who Lost His Life in WW1
On this 100 Year Centennial of America Entering WW1 I thought I would share some resources to use with students.

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Some Resources to Check Out:
Propaganda Posters at the WW1 Museum & Memorial
Kansas City, MO

World War I Resources via The Library of Congress has lots primary source documents, exhibitions, blogs, and much much more. Check out their online exhibit Echoes of the Great War: American Experiences of World War I as a starting place.  Keep checking back on this resource as the Centennial Celebration Continues.

World War I Teacher Guide via The Library of Congress is a great starting place for teachers looking for ways to incorporate primary sources into their lessons with students on World War I.

World War I Centennial via The National Archives has a lot of great resources to dig into World War I. They have a great interactive Timeline, lots of primary sources, photos, and educational resources, and a WWI App that allows you to interact with these resources on mobile Apple and Androied devices. Search their Photo Archives here

Military Resources: World War I via The National Archives has documents, photos, audio files, and lesson plan ideas for using these resources with students.

US Enters WWI - Centennial Animation Video via  Is a great way to introduce the start of US involvement in WW1 through US propaganda posters of this era. There are also great short video clips to share with students.

100th Anniversary US Entry into WW1 via American History TV - Take a tour of the World War I Museum, see some of their exhibits, and listen to experts talking about the impact of this conflict.

Inscription at the base
of WWI Memorial & Museum
Kansas City, MO
The National WW1 Museum and Memorial in Kansas City websites has many online exhibits and education resources worthy of checking out.

United States World War I Draft Registration Cards via Family Search- This free database allows you to search for individual draft cards. If you think you had a family member who served in World War I good chances you can find their original draft card here. - A very comprehensive collection of images, artifacts, diaries, letters, and other  resources telling the story of WW1.

WW1 Resource Center: Image Database - A collection of World War images on a crowd source website WW1 Resource Center.

Newspaper Pictorials: Via the Library of Congress is a collection of newspaper images from World War I. Check out their timeline of events of World War I.

American Battle Monuments Commission - Explore through videos and images US Battle Cemeteries throughout Europe from both World War I and World War II.

American Experience: The Great War via PBS will be a three-part miniseries that starts on April 10th. Looking forward to this miniseries.

World War I Collection via EDTools NewseumED has a lot of newspaper documents that explore several topics on World War I.

NMAAHC WWI Collection via the National Museum of African American History & Culture have a lot of great artifacts of African American's involvement in World War I.

Stories About World War I via NPR News is a great collection of stories from NPR they have done on this conflict.

World War I Sources in Special Collections via the Musselman Library has a lot of posters,images, letters, & correspondences in their World War I collections

Summit County and The Great War Via Summit Country Library (Ohio) has various artifacts from those who served in WWI as well as a link to the University of Akron WWI Collections

Artist Soldiers: The AEF Art Program via Smithsonian national Air and Space Museum is a great collection of artwork created by artists who served in WWI and from soldiers who recorded their experiences.

Joseph M. Broccoli Great War Collection: Postcards via The University of South Carolina Library has a lot of great images taken on the Western Front. You can refine your search by country.

World War I Interactive Timeline via World Digital Library gives you a interactive way to look at maps, images, posters, and other documents of World War I from various institutions from around the world.

Photographs of From the World War I Memoir of Margaret Hall via Massachusetts Historical Society is a collection of 246 photographs of Margaret Hall who was a member of the American Red Cross in France during the war.

World War I Films (YouTube Chanel) Via The National Archives

(Link to YouTube Chanel)