Tuesday, June 30, 2015

There's Going To Be Fireworks Vol 2

Liberty Bell
Picture by Lance Mosier (Selfie)
It's been two years since I've posted some of my favorite American Revolution resources in There's Going To Be Fireworks. Although I have written Patriot or Loyalist? Espionage During the American Revolution since than I thought I would update some new resources to help you and your students dig into the American Revolutionary War. Happy Independence Day!

Boston Common Picture by Angela Mosier
Ben Franklin's World
Listen to historian Liz Covart podcasts at Ben Franklin's World  as she interviews historians who share their latest work and understanding of early American History. Follow Liz Covart on Twitter (@lizcovart)  and listen to her growing list of episodes. You can also read the books of her guest authors; a great way to add to your summer reading list. If you join her listener community, there are also ways to connect with other people passionate about history on the Poor Richard's Club Facebook Group. A great way to stay connected and learn from historians and people who love history.

The JuntoCast
Listen to a roundtable discussion of historians on The JuntoCast created by Ken Owen, Michael Hattem, and Roy Rogers. This podcast is provides deep insight into historical themes and topics in early American History. A great way for you to stay current on the latest scholarship or a place to share with students to have them go into more depth into topics you are discussing in class.

All Things Liberty: 

The Journal of the American Revolution: All Things Liberty has a lot of great articles written by historians depicting the latest historical research of theAmerican Revolution and the Founding Period of American History. Check out their articles. Below are some of the ones I found of interest.

Mount Vernon Picture by Lance Mosier
Resources from Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon has been very busy expanding their educational resources. Here are some worth checking out.

  • George Washington Digital Encyclopedia: Explore lots of things related to George Washington and the era in which he lived. 
  • Virtual Tour of Mount Vernon: Can't make it to Mount Vernon? Take a virtual tour of the mansion and other buildings on the estate. 
  • Winter Patriots Video: A very well put together video about Washington Crossing The Delaware, the Battles of Trenton/Princeton, and the events surrounding this pivotal moment in America's fight for Independence. 

Independence National Historic Park Picture by Lance Mosier
Fun with Mental Floss
Mental Floss has had some great articles on the American Revolutionary Period. Here were some of my favorites:

Site of the Boston Massacre
Picture by Angela Mosier

The Massachusetts Historical Society
The Massachusetts Historical Society has numerous primary source documents and resources ready to use with you and your students. Below are two online resources from their Online Resources Page:

The Jefferson Memorial
Picture by Lance Mosier
The Digital Declaration of Independence: 
The Digital Declaration of Independence is a very cool web experience that allows users to interact with the Declaration of Independence, the 1823 painting the depicts the signers, and an interactive map to show where they are from.

What are some resource's that you use? I would love to hear about them in the comments section below.

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