Wednesday, July 3, 2013

There's Going To Be Fireworks!

There's Going To Be Fireworks!

Independence Hall-
Photo by Lance Mosier

Here are some of my favorite sites and videos that deal with all things Independence Day. Happy 4th of July!


The American Revolution from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation: There are lots of really interesting podcasts that you can listen to to learn more about this time period.

Founders Online: A new service I'm very excited about. A large collection of primary source documents from the Founding Fathers. I did a search of "Declaration of Independence" that resulted in 353 documents. Might make for some great reading on what the Founder's thought was important about this event in 1776. There are also 26 mentions of fireworks as well so there you go.

Mission US: For Crown or Colony - Great game to learn more about the causes of the American Revolution. A fun game for students to play.

Road to Revolution: Quiz yourself on your knowledge of events leading up to the American Revolution.

Charters of Freedom: Declaration of Independence -  Lots of high resolution images of the original document as well as other resources to learn more about this and other charter documents.

RevolutionaryWarAnimated: Watch some of the important battles of the Revolutionary War.

John Adams The Letters Behind the HBO Miniseries: A great little website of some of the letters used to help in the HBO John Adams Miniseries.


To Late to Apologize: A Declaration
Love this video. Does a great job explaining the Declaration of Independence. I have students watch this video before starting their assignment on their Break-Up Letter to King George.

What are some of your favorite resources to help talk about Independence Day? I would love to hear in the comments section below.

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