Wednesday, June 4, 2014

D-Day at 70 Years

WWII Memorial Washington DC
photo by Lance Mosier
This Friday marks the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Landing. Here are a wide variety of website resources to use for 70th Anniversary.

D-Day to Victory:
(**2016** Site appears to be down in the US)
This is a very great comprehensive website that starts with D-Day and ends with the fall of Berlin. Lots of interactive features as well as interviews from those who participated in these battles that liberated Europe. 

D-Day and the Normandy Invasion by the National Archives & Records Administration: This is a very comprehensive exhibit from the Google Cultural Institute. Full of primary source documents, photos, and audio of this important battle of WWII.

The Normandy Invasion Captured on 16 mm Kodachrome Film (1944):  Video footage shot from
WWII Memorial Washington D.C.
Photo by Lance Mosier
George Stevens that is posted on Open Culture's Website

Interactive Map of the D-Day Invasion: A very nice interactive map of the Normandy Invasion. 

WWII Soldier Slang: It is always fun for students see how slang language changes from generation. Might be fun for you to share a few examples with students.

D-Day: Was Omaha Beach named to honor of local man's war efforts? Interesting article from the Omaha World Herald about a possible explanation behind the naming of Omaha Beach. 

Men of D-Day is a page to all those who fought on D-Day. This section of the website has lots of personal stories of different men who fought in D-Day. Also check out their Photo Album page for various images. 

D-Day Landing Scenes in 1944 and Now: It is always fun to look at images of historical places to see how they look today and in the past. This neat interactive from the Guardian has very great than and now pictures. 

WWII Interactive Map: This interactive map covers all of the major battles of Europe from 1939-1945 that is full of information. 

CrashCourse WWII: I have really become a great fan of the CrashCourse Videos. They give a great overview on many topics. Here is their WWII Video.  

WWII Memorial Washington DC
Photo by Lance Mosier
D-Day Comic Book: Comicbookplus has a lot of old archived comic books, but here is one that was published in 1963 that tells the story of D-Day.

Before and After D-Day: Color Photos from England and France: Color Photos from Life that are very vivid and capture many aspects of soldier life. 

National WWII Museum New Orleans: D-Day information: Very detailed information about the D-Day invasion from the National WWII Museum New Orleans

President Reagan's Speech at the 40th Anniversary of D-Day: YouTube video from the Reagan Presidential Library from the 40th Anniversary presentation.

President Obama's Speech at the 70th Anniversary of D-Day:

What resources do you have that help tell the story of the D-Day/Normandy Invasion? I would love to hear about them in the section below. 

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