Friday, July 14, 2017

Summer Podcasts: PD On The Go

I wanted to share some of the podcasts that I listen to throughout the year and some of the new ones I've picked up this summer. With things slowing down during the summer I try and get caught up with podcasts episodes. I love podcasts because  I can download them and take them on my walks or for long car/plane rides. Below is a list of some of my favorite podcasts and some new ones I'm trying out.

(1) Ben Franklin's World

Hosted by Liz Covart and now produced the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture this podcast explores a wide variety of topics in Early American History. This weekly podcast highlights interviews with historians on important people and events in early US History. Liz Covart is very active on Twitter (@lizcovart) and has an active Facebook community and web presence. This has grown into one of my favorite podcasts and a must listen for historians, history teachers, or lovers of history. History Teacher's should check out OI's Doing History Series that corresponds to several BF World Podcasts.

My Favorite Episode So Far This Summer: Episode 141: A Declaration In Draft

(2) BackStory

BackStory is a weekly podcast hosted by U.S. Historians and sponsored by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. This podcast takes a topic each week and digs deep into the history behind the headlines. Each episode is so well done and the historians provide great context for each topic that is covered. Check out their extensive back catalog of episodes and search by topic to find something you might be interested in.

My Favorite Episode So Far This Summer: Crowning Glory: A History of Hair in America

(3) My History Can Beat Up Your Politics w/Bruce Carlson

This podcast hosted by Bruce Carlson takes issues in the news today and provides some historical context behind the news. I have always appreciated the extensive research and time taken to explain some of the history behind these topics.

My Favorite Episode So Far This Summer: There's Nothing To Fear Of The 25th Amendment

(4) LORE

I love folklore and spooky stories. LORE is one of those podcasts with a focus on the supernatural that are typically 30 minutes with some amazing twists and turns to keep you interested. I love listening to these stories because the host Aaron Mahnke is a fantastic storyteller. I hope to be able to use elements of his storytelling techniques to help stories I share with my students come alive for them. If you are interested in the scary story with a historical twist this is a podcast to add to your list. 

My Favorite Episode So Far This Summer: Episode 63: Homecoming 

(5) We The People via the National Constitution Center

Hosted by Jeffery Rosen, this podcast produced by the National Constitution Center brings in legal scholars to discuss important constitutional questions of the day. There are so many great episodes, but I've really enjoyed the episode Jeffery Rosen Answers Your Questions About Constitutional Interpretation. As a non-lawyer I found this episode extremely helpful on different legal interpretations judges use.

My Favorite Episode So Far This Summer: What Just Happened At The Supreme Court? 

(6) Rogue Historian

Hosted by Keith Harris, Keith brings some interesting insight and a "no-holds-bar" candid discussion with his guests on a wide variety of topics. I had a chance to be interviewed by Keith to discuss my The Lincoln Assassination CSI Activity on Episode #13 Teaching With Creativity with Lance Mosier

My Favorite Episode So Far This Summer: Episode #19 Cocktails (and other stuff) with Maggie Yancey 

(7) Whisky Rebellion 

Hosted by Frank Cogliano and David Silkenat these two US Historians provide a unique historical perspective to the news as they bring their show from The University of Edinburgh in Scotland. 

My Favorite Episode So Far This Summer: Healthcare History Edition 
Professional Development for Social Studies Teachers by Social Studies Teachers. These have been some great Podcasts to listen to this summer to help me think about some of my own teaching practices. This is a relatively new Podcast and hope that these teachers keep the episodes coming.

My Favorite Episode So Far This Summer: Group Projects Where Content Meets Skill 
This local Podcast hosted by historian Adam Fletcher Sasse on North Omaha History has been great listening in order to learn about some of the local history. I've been reading his articles  the past few years and enjoy hearing about some of the local history stories I can share with my students to help them connect their home town to the historical eras we are talking about such as Omaha's history in Fur Trading. This would go great my unit on Westward Expansion and The Mountain Men.

My Favorite Episode So Far This Summer: Fontenelle Park

I loved Reading Rainbow as a 80's kid and was happy to hear that LeVar Burton is back reading short stories on his new podcast.  I've enjoyed his ability to make a story come to life and I hope I can become a better story teller by hearing these tales.

My Favorite Episode So Far This Summer: Empty Places (Part 1) &; Empty Places (Part 2)

Other Podcasts To Check Out:

Here are some other podcasts I have also enjoyed listening to episodes or wanting to add to my list.
Do you have go to podcasts that you listen to? What are some of your favorite podcast episodes? I would love to hear about it in the comments section below. 

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