Friday, June 3, 2016

Digital Dipsticks: Easy Tools for Formative Assessments

Being a classroom teacher it is really important to be able to gauge what students are understanding and more importantly what they are not understanding. Using Formative Assessment is essential to help make informed decisions as a teacher.

There are lots of great low tech Formative Assessments  I've used in class such as white boards, exit tickets on scratch paper. sticky notes,  choral response, hand gestures, etc.. All of these are great and I still use them, but working in a school that each student comes with a laptop I've also found some great web based tools to help provide formative assessment opportunities. What is nice about some of these technology options is it provides students with immediate feedback so they can self-diagnose problems and I as a teacher can quickly pull reports to find problem areas.

Below is a presentation I gave at a School District In-service a couple of year ago. I've added a few new resources that I've found that I am excited about trying out with my students in the coming school year. The more "tools" in my "toolbox" I have the more options I have to monitor and assess what is going on in my classroom. I also think students also need some variety so things don't become too routine and boring.

I will also include links to these web-sites and tutorial videos to help you get started.

Slide Show Presentation:

Links to Resources:

(1) Socrative

(2) Kahoot

(3) Quizziz

(4) Padlet

(5) Wizerme

YouTube Tutorial Chanels:

Socrative YouTube Chanel:


Kahoot YouTube Chanel:

Quizziz YouTube Chanel:

Wizerme YouTube Chanel:

Do you have some great ways to conduct Formative Assessments with students (Tech or No-Tech)? I would love to hear about them in the comments section below.

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