Wednesday, June 15, 2016

You Died Of Dysentery! Resources on The Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail Days Oak, NE
Growing up as a kid I grew up living one mile from the Oregon Trail. This had a profound impact on me growing up which I discussed in an earlier Blog Post Remembering Local History: The Oregon Trail and the Raids of 1864.

Here are some fun activities to do with students to learn more about The Oregon Trail, including the computer game I remember playing in school as a kid.

Have students play The 1990 version of The Oregon Trail Game via Internet Archives. Have student's journal their experience and compare the game to the actual history.

Here is a very funny fake movie trailer based on The Oregon Trail Game that could be used as an introduction to the game, or as a closure for students playing the game and have them journal how this video portrays life along the trail accurately or inaccurately.

Dysentery, Typhoid and Snake Bites: The Early Days of the Oregon Trail looks at some of the history behind the famous game.

The Oregon Trail Lied To You via PBS Game/Show is an interesting look at the game's impact on students and how the game might of failed at history, but might have taught greater life skills.

Have students create Oregon Trail Tombstone Markers with Oregon Trail Tombstone Generator on possible dangers along the Oregon Trail.

Use Make a Paper Conestoga Covered Wagon via Kevin Honeycutt and have students create a list of important facts about the Oregon Trail on the canvas as a journaling activity.

Listen to a Ben Franklin's World Podcast Episode 077: Rinker Buck, The Oregon Trail to learn about Rinker's experience of trying to travel along The Oregon Trail and some history behind those who travelled west.

The National Oregon/California Trail Center Visitor Center Website has some interesting information for you and your students to look through to learn more about the trail.

The Oregon Trail Website has some also great resources to help students learn more about The Oregon Trail.

Take Painter's Tape and create the dimensions of a typical wagon that was used along The Oregon Trail.

***New 7/16/16***
What The Oregon Trail Looks Like Today From Above Video via

***New 10/05/16***
Nine Places Where You Can Still See Wheel Tracks from the Oregon Trail via

Do you have any favorite resources to learn about The Oregon Trail? I would love to hear about them in the comments section below.

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